About me

Or how I built a good life in harmony with myself

Hi! My name is Aneta and I’m a health psychologist and a coach. My mission is to help others create healthy, happy and equilibrium-based lives. But before I understood that my role is to support others, I went a long way towards regaining my own balance, self-confidence, happiness and good frame of mind.

I worked in a corporation and dealt with something completely different a couple of years ago. Then, my life path guided me to end up outside my country. The five years I spent in France brought a lot of new unforgettable and valuable experiences, as well as a lot of disappointments. No possibility to continue work and keep developing was the greatest of them. The lack of prospects caused negative thoughts and dark vision of the future to grow. It did not go over easily, yet one day I just realised that no matter where I channelled my energy, my strengths would develop in that particular area. This is how I graduated from my dream psychology at University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS University). At the Multi-Level Coaching study, I learned the most effective coaching techniques in order to support others in the best and most professional way. Along with my development and the fulfilment of my dreams, came back my equilibrium, strength, and self-confidence. I created my personal sense of happiness which I foster and develop. I gained knowledge and acquired skills which I share with you today.